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October 22, 2019

The Red Rock bus going to George O’Neill Public School is stranded behind a down power line and is unable to the do the run this morning.

October 11 – 2019

The bus running from Red Rock to George O’Neill Public School is running 10 minutes late this morning.

Sept 18-2019

All Beardmore, Geraldton, Longlac, Jelicoe and Nakina buses ae cancelled today due to a power outage.

Friday April 12, 2019

All Nipigon, Dorian, Red Rock and Lake Helen buses are cancelled.

All Terrace Bay and Schreiber buses are cancelled.

Manitouwadge to Marathon is cancelled.

Marathon and Manitouwadge in town buses will run.

All Greenstone buses will run.

Monday February 25th at 6:55 am.

Manitouwadge in-town buses are running today. Only Manitouwadge to Marathon is cancelled as highway is closed.

Monday February 25 at 6:15 am.

All Greenstone area buses are cancelled. This includes Beardmore, Jellicoe, Geraldton, Longlac and Nakina.

Monday February 26th at 6 am.

Bus from Manitouwadge to Manitouwadge is cancelled as Manitouwadge highway is closed.

All buses in Nipigon area are cancelled including Dorion, Hurkett, Nipigon, Red Rock and Lake Helen.

Friday February 8th at 7 am

Friday February 8th,
All Nipigon, Dorion, Red Rock and Lake Helen buses are cancelled.
In Greenstone, Pamela Lake bus is cancelled and buses won’t be going down side roads on highway.
Manitouwadge to Marathon and Manitouwadge in-town buses are cancelled, roads are not plowed.


Tuesday Feb 5th at 7:30am

The bus from Red Rock to George O’Neil public will be 20 to 30 min late due to mechanical problems.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday Feb 4th at 7 am Nipigon area

All Dorion, Hurket, Nipigon, Lake Helen and Red Rock buses are cancelled due to highway conditions and forecasted weather.

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