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Nipigon – Red Rock – Dorion – Lake Helen – Cancelled

Due to poor road conditions buses servicing Nipigon, Red Rock, Lake Helen and Dorion are cancelled.  This includes in town buses.

Nakina In Town – Cancelled – Friday, Nov. 13

Due to the driver shortage the Nakina intown bus will be cancelled on Friday, November 13

Dorion to Nipigon Red Rock High School – Nov 9 to Nov 13

The 2 buses coming from Dorion to NipRock High School will be combined from Monday, November 9 to Friday November 13.  Students should be at the stops earlier on these days.

Some of the effected stops include Dorion Loop, Hurkett Loop, Fish Hatchery Road and Valley Road.

Bus Cancelled – Dorion Public School – Nov 5

Due to the driver shortage Route IR20 servicing Bible Camp Road and Townline Road going to Dorion Public School is cancelled today.

Lake Helen & Nipgon In Town (Curling Club) to NRHS – IR16 – IR 17- Thursdays

The 2 buses coming from Lake Helen and Nipigon in Town servicing the Curling Club to NipRock  High will be doubled up tomorrow morning and will be on Thursdays for the foreseeable future. Students should be ready 5 to 10 minutes earlier in the morning.

Bus Cancelled – Manitouwadge to Marathon- November 3

Due to the driver shortage the bus from Manitouwadge to Marathon is cancelled today.  This includes the Marathon  in town pickups for this run.

Delays – St. Joseph / Ecole St Joseph Nov 4, 5, 6

Due to the driver shortage there will be delays for route G3 next week on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the morning.  Route G1 will pick up students as regularly schedule. The bus will then pick up the students for route G3.  The anticipated delay is 15 minutes for picking up the student on route G3.  There will also be a delay in arrival to St Joseph School and Ecole St. Joseph of 10 -15 minutes.

Manitouwadge to Marathon – Cancelled

The Manitouwadge to Marathon bus is cancelled today due to poor road conditions.

Bus Cancellation – Friday October 16, Nakina to Geraldton

The bus servicing BA Parker, Geraldton Composite High and Chateau-Jeunesse will be cancelled on Friday, October 16 due to the driver shortage.

Masks on Bus – October 5

Based on directives by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit masks for all students will be required on school buses starting Monday, October 5. The bus is considered an enclosed public space which includes public transportation and private transportation for hire, including taxis, limousines and rideshare services. Parents must ensure each student on a bus wear a non-medical mask unless unable to do so for medical reasons or due to special needs. 

Your school or board may have different mask policies in place while attending class. Please visit their website for these regulations.

Student Transportation – COVID Fact Sheet – Ministry Guide Sept 25, 2020

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